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Yuhuan TieBao Machinery Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer that specialized in  Heavy Duty Automotive Clutch Kit. Our production range is wide that refer to Truck, Bus, Agricultural Vehicle, Tractor etc.
More than 80% of TieBao products are exported to nations worldwide, especially in important markets like Europe, Mideast, Southeast Asia, South America and so on with perfect aftermarket services.
Our company philosophy”quality adds value for customer, quality the first”, now our good quality and good service has won high reputation in domestic and overseas market. 
Looking forwarder to talking business with the friends from nations worldwide.

Hot Products

  • Clutch Disc:ME550152


  • Clutch Disc:B4578458


  • Clutch Disc:ATRB077


  • Clutch Disc:ATRA244


  • Clutch Pressure Plate:A 007 250 61 04

    A 007 250 61 04

  • Clutch Disc:85000625


  • Clutch Pressure Plate:85000503


  • Clutch Pressure Plate:85000279


  • Clutch Pressure Plate:85000272


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